Friday, February 29, 2008

10 in 48

In the 48 hours that Leland, Lucy and I spent in NC this week we saw 10 members our family. On Sunday afternoon we drove to my (1) dad's house where we had dinner with his wife (2)Leslie and my little sister (3) Layni. Leland always has fun with Layni and they are so cute to watch play.

Monday morning we drove to my sister (4)Suzanne's house where we spent the rest of the day with her and (5) Emily. They have a great backyard that backs onto a pond and a hammock. The weather was gorgeous and we definitely enjoyed our time outdoors. The girls loved swinging in the hammock. Leland enjoyed "fishing" in the pond and throwing pine cones and sticks into the water. Monday evening (6) Andy came home from work and (7) Mom brought dinner to Suzanne's house so we got some fun Nana time.

Tuesday afternoon I was able to visit with (8) Mike, (9) Mitzi and (10) baby Caitlyn (Zetta) in the parking lot of Chilis on my way out of town. We are very excited for the McBrides to move to NC. They were in town looking for a place to live in 2 weeks. Poor Leland was asleep during the entire visit with McBrides but Lucy enjoyed seeing her newest cousin and binky buddy.

My visit was great. It was fun to see so much family in such a short visit. Although the car that Chuck was using while I was away broke down and I had to call one of my friends to take him to school because it was raining and he needed to wear a suit for interviews.

The 3-4 hour drive is very easy even though the last 20-30 mins all I heard was this........................

Check out our Snapfish room for more February pictures.


  1. Ash, You are definitely my child. I have taught you well. Quick visits are a way of life for me. Thanks so much for coming. I enjoyed my 3hrs with you all.... I had to chuckle a little when I listened to your crying video and read about Christine's library adventure on her blog. You girls are tough cookies.

  2. Nice, gotta love that video. I would say that sice it was only the last 20-30 min (I am sure it seemed like forever) the visit was a success, especially with all that family you packed in!

  3. oh my goodness that picture of Caitlyn and Lucy is adorable!

  4. I am sorry the visit ended in screaming, but it was a fun visit. Your girls are too cute and I love spending time with you. Maybe we will come up for Leland's birthday! Thanks for making the drive for us. Have you gotten the car fixed yet?

  5. You guys always are so busy and do such fun things! I miss having you around to get my butt out of the house more!