Sunday, November 6, 2011

Virginia Beach

We went to Virginia Beach for the weekend for me to attend a seminar for work. We decided it was a great chance for all of us to have a mini vacation. Howard, my boss, rode down with us and we all stayed at hotel on Friday night.

Here's a little synopsis of the first night of our trip:
  • During the drive down, we stopped for a quick bathroom break and right as we walk into the bathroom, Lucy starts throwing up in the trash can. She must have been car sick, but never told me so. I was so grateful that she found a trash can. 
  • It was ridiculously windy when we arrived. Like crazy blow-you-over wind.
  • We went swimming at the hotel pool that evening and had a lot of fun. 
  • I took the girls back to the hotel room while Chuck and Howard went out to get some food. Our ceiling light in our hotel room was burnt out so we had asked for someone to come replace the light bulb. Apparently, the entire light fixture needed to be replaced so there was a man standing on a ladder in our room soon after we returned to our room.
  • As he is fixing the light, rewiring the new fixture, some sparks fly from the wires, our lights flicker, then after a few minutes, all the lights go out. The man thought he had blown a circuit on the floor, but it turned out that the entire hotel and actually a few blocks were all out of power! Including the restaurant where Chuck and Howard went to get food.
  • Now I have to get the girls ready for bed and put them to bed by myself and in the dark. The lights remained out for over an hour. Since where Chuck went for food was out of power too, it took them so long to come back with the food the girls had already fallen asleep.
  • The man who was fixing our light felt bad about it for some reason, even though the power being out wasn't his fault, and he came back to our room apologizing for there being no lights and gave me a $15 gift certificate to the hotel restaurant for breakfast in the morning. Awesome!
It was still seriously windy the next morning. The girls ran up and down the ramp and when they would reach the end and they were out of the protection of the building the wind would hit them almost blowing them over. They thought it was a hilarious game.
Trying to get a picture by the beach proved to be very difficult because of the wind. We didn't make it any where close to the water. It was much better sitting inside with a great view
While I went to my seminar, Chuck took the girls to First Landing National Park and Nauticus.
Chuck can add more about what they did later.

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