Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Leaves

I love fall and the beautiful colors all around. We had a great time playing in the leaves and even had fun trying to clean them all up.
This tree is in the yard across the street. We took these gorgeous pictures of this tree one foggy fall morning. After taking the pictures, our neighbor told us that us he planted that tree after their first child was born and now they have uprooted and moved it to three different homes. We didn't realize that it had such sentimental value, but now they have some fun pictures of it.

Each of the girls had a great time taking turns using the leaf blower.

Then they decided to just have a dance party while Chuck and I continued to work.
Charly was so cute shaking her hips back and forth.

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  1. I love all their dance parties! These girls are sooooo releated to me. It is fun to think that we really share the same blood. It is just really cool somehow.
    I love you!
    Auntie Charise