Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Richmond Zoo

On a teacher workday back in November I took the girls to the Richmond Metro Zoo with some friends. The weather was fabulous and we had so much fun. 
Feeding the giraffes and the goats were a huge hit. The giraffes tongues were so long and they would just reach and reach for that food. Notice the goat standing on the donkey's back in the top right picture. He obviously didn't want to fight the crowd on the lower end of the fence. What a nice friend that donkey is.
These kids see each multiple times a day and cherish every minute they get to spend together.
The fall leaves were gorgeous.
Proof that I can overcome fears for my children and purposely walk inside an inclosed space full of birds. My heart starts racing just thinking about it.
I love this zoo because you can see a lot of animals pretty close up. It was such a fun day.

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