Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rafting down the James

Thanks to Living Social (and Riverside Outfitters) we went go rafting down the James River. It was so much fun! 

One of the great things about Richmond, you can go river rafting through the middle of downtown.
We got a completely different view from the river of our favorite parts of the city. Did you know that Richmond is the only major city in America with Class IV rapids going through the city?

The best part of the trip was the very end, where we stopped and "surfed" the Pipeline Rapids (my favorite place in the city and home to the blue heron rookery). We had used up our camera by then, so no pictures. That's what happens when you are used to unlimited digital picture taking.

Even better is that Riverside Outfitters offered another deal through Living Social, so we are going again in 2 weeks. Next time we are taking more water cameras.

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