Saturday, May 7, 2011

Victorian Day

We all love a good parade and last week, we went to the Bon Air Victorian Day Parade and Festival. There was a great "small town" feeling in our historic area that is so close to the city. One of the things I love about living in Richmond is, even though we live in a fairly large city, there is a small town community feel to many areas.
Leland says, "The pollution from the fire truck stinks and makes it hard for me to breathe." The environmentalist in her has kicked in. It is very fitting that she was born on Earth Day. She is always reminding us on how we waste energy or water and tries to recycle everything.
The girls loved going down the slide "like a penguin". There were several concerned parents that there was a "baby" in the bounce house. I thought, if she gets hurt, she will realize she's not one of the big kids, but Charly could hold her own, she loved it and never cried despite getting bounced around.
Chuck hurt his back and spent the few hours out of the house laying on the grass like this.

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