Sunday, May 15, 2011

Look on the bright side

Being sick has its advantages. I have an excuse to ignore my dirty house, the dirty dishes piling up and the mounds of laundry to fold and just sit at the computer (coughing up a lung), sorting through pictures and blogging.

I have asthmatic bronchitis. Think bronchitis, but when you start coughing you have an asthma attack. Not Fun. Oh and I had no voice for 2 days.

Chuck hurt his back and has being laying on a mattress on our living room floor for over a week. He finally got some medication. Now every few hours he's in this silly euphoric, singing state. It's pretty amusing.

Our poor children have watched so much TV in the last few days. I'm sure they have loved it. I just hope they don't get sick.


  1. Oh Ash! Let me take the girls this week!! I'm sorry you're sick!!

  2. I really hope you get better soon! I can see you have been on a blogging kick while you have been sick!