Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We love our cousins!

We feel so lucky to get to see cousins so often even though none live in the same state as we do. The McBrides are on year round school, so they came to play with us for a few days while "tracked out".
(clockwise above from top left) Holding hands walking home from Leland's bus stop (reminds me of this visit in 2008). Connor was so cute hanging out with Charly so much. Watching movies. Lowe's Build and Grow. Playing instead of eating. 

The kids all got along great and had so much fun together.
Ready. Set. GO!!
Trying to take a group shot after the Build and Grow. Hilarious poses. Word of the day was, "Awesome!" Poor Zetta was not happy about all the picture taking.
Mitzi, of course, got Charly's hair in pigtails. She also provided Leland with a humongous bow for her to wear to school one day. Wish I had a picture of it. When I'm with Mitzi she always makes sure my girls have pretty hair-dos.
Talking to Grammy and Papa in Africa on Skype. They each sang a song for them. I'll get some video up soon.

Awesome weekend! Thanks for coming to visit us.

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