Thursday, October 28, 2010

Notes from Leland

Leland has started typing notes on the computer, printing them out, adding a picture, then mailing them to cousins and friends. She is very serious about it. She asks me how to spell only a few of the words, but is getting pretty good at spelling.

Notice the 2 ways to spell going in the note below. For the first use, she asked me how to spell the word. Later, when I saw her note, I asked why she spelled going g-o-w-e-n. Her reply, "'Cause when you say it, that's how it really sounds". I guess my southern accent is back.


  1. So cute! We got ours in the mail yesterday and loved it! Love the gowen!

  2. OMG. That is so hilarious!! I love it.

  3. Very cute. I caught myself almost saying "Y'all" the other day...Yikes!

  4. Oh my heart! This blog post might be my very favorite!!!! Because it so "captures" my sweet Leland. We LOVED getting our letter in the mail. It was so sweet and my boys were so excited!
    And the southern speaking... it just makes me SO HAPPY!