Sunday, January 4, 2009

When cousins come to play

I have to admit that the great thing about deciding to stay at home for the Christmas break is that people came to visit us at our house. It has been a great week of visitors.

Monday started off with both my sisters with their families, my mom, and my aunt all coming to our house for a gift exchange. The cousins enjoyed playing with each other and opening presents. Suzanne and mom came back on Tuesday for a while before heading back to NC.

The highlight was the mini drum set that Nana gave to Nick. They loved taking turns as rock stars and dancers. Leah also enjoyed giving the little girls new hair-dos. Everyone loved taking turns holding baby Sarah. Lucy and Emily love to play with each other, it's so cute to watch them.

We had such a great day. Thanks for coming to visit us.

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  1. What about the "Look Dad, I'm a rockstar" video?