Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby Onsies

I have 2 friends that are pregnant and due in February, so along with a few other friends, we threw a double shower. I got an idea from Life Frosting a few days before the shower and decided we could pull off making the new mommies some cute onsies.

We had an assortment of fabric scraps and templates and let everyone use their creativity and get to work. We even had some buttons to accent. Everyone made one girl and one boy onsie. They turned out very cute. I stitched the edges which ended up being less difficult than I imagined.

Left - For the Boy, Right - For the Girl

Left - The whole gang (minus one). Right - My gift to the girls, I usually do burp cloths with ribbon, but now I might start adding cute shapes to them too.

I have even made a few more for prego sister-in-laws, my BF, and myself. Bet you can't wait to get your packages!

My suggestions if you are going to try this:
1) Use Wonder Under - iron on adhesive with paper backing to trace shapes
2) zig-zag stitch the edges to avoid the fabric fraying
3) wash and dry onsies and fabric beforehand
4) Avoid shapes with narrow sections
5) Use thicker material. Some of the thinner material was harder to stitch close to the edge, especially if it was a narrow section.

Watch a tutorial here from Martha.


  1. That was seriously such a fun project! I totally want to make some for Ella... maybe I just will. Thanks for a way fun night and for you and Heidi doing most of the planning. Sorry I forgot the cups and plates. Lame me.

  2. Those really turned out cute! But what about sending some to your sis with a newborn too??! Sarah wants a custom onesie to sport this summer!!!

  3. Way cute! Too bad I don't have a baby day!

  4. Whoa, these look like a $25 onesie at some fancy etsy store. Way to go! They are adorable. I hope you make one for yourself too. I guess it would have to be unisex...or this might just be worth finding out. Then I could knit up something cute and gender appropriate!

  5. So cute! I can't wait to get mine!!! I Love it!

  6. Such a cute idea! I agree with Shana--you could probably make a fortune selling these on etsy!