Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter with Nana

The girls and I spent Easter weekend with my Mom. I've never had my girls dye eggs for Easter before, so my mom was excited to break out all her egg dying kits.
A lot of the dyes that she had were old and not working well, so we opted more for painting the eggs.
We went strawberry picking. Always fun.
We went to the community Easter Egg Hunt. It was set next to the water and was just gorgeous.
The Easter bunny that was there was pretty creepy. During the hunt, Charly found one of the bonus eggs, but she refused to go near that bunny to get her prize. Leland went and got it for her.
We took the ferry with some friends over to Aurora Fossil Museum. It was a cute little place including a fossil digging site filled with leftovers from a local phosphate mine. We found lots of shells and sharks teeth.

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