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Elder Bednar Youth Fireside

A few people requested wanting to see my notes from the youth fireside with Elder Bednar in Richmond last month. I finally got around to typing them up and it was a nice reminder of the fireside.  It was a Question and Answer session. Remember that most of these are my rough notes, not direct quotes.

July 17, 2011
Elder Bednar – Youth Fireside Richmond, VA

Sis Bednar would ask different apostles “What is one thing that I could teach my children, if there is only one thing?”  The most common answer – teach them to come to know who they really are.
·        Study your patriarchal blessing – it is your “book of possibilities”

Elder Bednar
·        We can only teach you what you are prepared to learn. You may not remember words that I say, but you will remember the feelings you have as the Holy Ghost teaches you. 

·       Faith in Jesus Christ takes ACTION first, and then the POWER will come.

Question: Why is the dating age 16?
Answer: Because the Brethren said so! We could make an argument for 14, 18, or 21. Consider the principle vs. the rule or application. We are blessed when we follow the Prophets’ counsel.

Question: ??
Answer: God can help us do things we are not prepared to do. He will send help. The Nature of Christ is to turn outward and look at the needs of others, not focus on ourselves.

Question: Can we use our talents to share the Gospel?
Answer: Do not develop talents to say “Look at Me”. You won’t have help from God.
-        Sis Bednar shared a story about being called to the ward organist and did not know how to play the organ. She practiced every day and had lessons.

Question: What is the worst sin I could commit?
Answer: The one you think you can get away with. Your question should not be how close you can get to the edge, but how can I stay as far away as possible from the edge.
-        Story about hiring a new truck driver out of 3 prospects. Which one will you hire?
o   Driver #1 says “I can go down the winding mountain road and my truck tires can go over the edge, but I’m such a great driver I can keep the truck in control.”
o   Driver #2 says “I can go down the winding mountain road and my truck tires will go on the edge, not got over, but I’m such a great driver I can keep the truck in control.”
o   Driver # 3 says “I will not get close to the edge at all and can drive safely down the winding mountain road without ever losing control.”

Question: What is one thing I can do to strengthen my testimony?
Answer: You know the things to do: pray, study scriptures, go to church…But you need to do all those things because you want to grow closer to the Lord.  You will be able to receive the strength to do things you did not think you could do.

Question: What is the most important Article of Faith?
Answer: They are all important and build on each other. You could not have one without the other. Think about each Article of Faith and think of a one word theme for each one.
               #1 God Head                      #2 Atonement                   #3 Obedience
               #4 Ordinances                   #5 Authority                       
Now go find the pattern with the remaining ones

Elder Bednar then invited the girl that asked the question up to the podium, gave her his business card and asked her to write him a letter when she completed the invitation to study the Articles of Faith and how they build on one another.
You can use the Articles of Faith to answer any Gospel question.

Question: How can I make prayer more meaningful?
Answer: Think about your day specifically. Don’t get caught up in the proper language, say what you feel. The intent of your heart matters more than the actual words that you say.

Question: ?? Something about friends.
Answer: Choose good friends that are trying to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. They may not necessarily be members of the LDS church.

Elder Bednar asked what did you experience during this Q&A?
The Holy Ghost is the only way to learn. You must invite the Holy Ghost to be the teacher.

If you are bored in a class, you should pray to ask an inspired question.
You have the responsibility to learn for yourself. After Joseph Smith experienced the First Vision, he said to his mother, “I have learned for myself.”  INVITATION: Find the scripture in Pearl of Great Price where Joseph Smith says this.

Agency enables you to ACT, not be acted upon.

Go find your answers to your questions, don’t sit and wait. Did you learn today that you don’t need an Apostle to answer your questions? You can find your answers yourself through the Holy Ghost.

The world is only going to get worse. Do not be afraid. The darkness will come. Don’t sit in the darkness waiting for the light to come, BE the light.

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  1. This is AWESOME, Ashley! Thanks for posting! Such a great fireside.