Sunday, March 20, 2011

Celebrating Lucy

Since Lucy's birthday is after her school ends for the summer, her teacher asked if we could celebrate her birthday in her class back in February. We took in heart shaped cookies and jell-o to share with her friends.  They still sang Happy Birthday and had her blow out candles. She was so excited about her "pretend" birthday party.

Chuck came in to her class too. That's a huge benefit of "living where you work" and her preschool is 2 mins from Chuck's office. He can come do fun things in the middle of the day with the girls. He read the kids 2 of Lucy's favorite books - Spiderman and Here Comes the Shapes.
Lucy's preschool also recently had an Art Show. She was so excited to show all of us some of the fun things she made at school.
She is still growing like a weed and catching up quick with Leland. Any day now, she will be taller than Leland. People are always amazed to find out she is only 3 years old. She still loves all things Spiderman, but wants to only wear skirts or dresses. Lucy loves to collect rocks, and will say "this is for my collection" any time she wants to bring a new rock home. She is learning to read and is doing really well. She loves looking at/reading books. All day long she asks to play games on my phone or play games on the computer. Lucy has such a cute sense of humor and keeps us laughing all day.

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  1. We love Lucy!! Can we please have her over soon? And could you teach my girls to read?!!