Sunday, February 6, 2011


Lately I feel like not much has been going on in our lives, yet every day seems to be busy, busy. Between running the girls places, work, my church calling in Young Women, volunteering at Leland's school and training for a 10K. I feel like some days I don't have time to sit down at the computer for blogging.
Chuck and I recently both got Droid phones which I love, totally love. Leland and Lucy love them too and ask to play games on them all day long. Lucy is improving so much in regards to her speech. She also loves wearing band-aids for every little thing. Leland recently decided to stop sucking her thumb, which went really well this week. She made the goal she set and got her reward of going to the local indoor inflatable bounce house place. I realized that I really just needed to wait till she was ready and actually wanting to stop, and she did it. Do know you remember that little joke "Hi. My name is Chubba. My daddy's Chubba and my momma's Chubba....One day my daddy took my on a motorcycle ride and I said "faster daddy faster.." Charly loves that joke and wants to do it all day long. She's hilarious.
One morning while getting ready (waiting for Daddy to be ready) for school, the girls were watching the squirrels in the backyard. They are such cute sisters. Lucy was actually yelling "Die squirrel, die!" Not sure where that came from.
I spent this last Saturday visiting a farm for work. It was so much fun. I was bummed that it was muddy and rainy, so we didn't stray very far from the house, but it was fun planning the items that they will be planting for Dominion Harvest this year. Farmers are just awesome down to earth people. Most of them just love what they do and are trying their best to grow good food. The best line of the afternoon was "We just do the best we can, and we take what the Lord blesses us with."


  1. I love this post. Lucy is HILARIOUS! Both your girls made my day today in church. And they're so different! And that joke that Charly loves? SO funny. Haven't heard that in forever. Oh, and can I go with you next time to a real farm??

  2. how funny, we are working on Beckham not sucking his fingers and if he stops, he gets to go to the bouncy house place too! So far so good... Whatever works right?
    Your girls are so sweet, I love sisters!!!